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Taking the costs and complexity out of DWDM networks

Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) networks are growing in complexity to meet the ever‑increasing need for bandwidth. New technologies such as tighter channel spacing, ROADMs and coherent systems increase the number of causes that can lead to network failure. In addition, new sources of noise in DWDM networks are contributing to total noise and, ultimately, degradation of OSNR.

To help taking some of the complexity out of DWDM networks, we hosted a webinar aimed at helping participants troubleshoot new types of impairments faster for reduced OPEX.  Network planners, network engineers and technicians working on DWDM networks should certainly take advantage of this webinar, since it covered new trends in DWDM networks, and new impairments such as interchannel crosstalk, non-linear effects and carrier leakage. Our experts discussed the impacts of these impairments and show you how to fix them using intelligent tools that decrease troubleshooting time and provide new insights to help you maximize the potential of your DWDM network. They also covered a new way to identify the presence of PMD pulse spreading on a live signal.