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Published on October 16, 2014

Life after 4G—What’s in Store for the Future of Mobile Networks?

Webinar of the Week Blog Series 

With rapidly growing smartphone usage driving up data volumes, meeting and achieving capacity is now a big game. Indeed, many mobile operators are now wondering and asking what’s in store for the next wireless generation, and when we will be seeing 5G.

They’ve also been debating whether distributed antenna system (DAS) is really here to stay, whether it is too expensive, and whether it offers enough capacity despite its excellent coverage. Not only that, what about coverage and capacity enhancement in public venues like stadiums, and outdoors in large venue areas? Will DAS and Wi-Fi continue to dominate, especially in the United States and China, which are currently the biggest users of these technologies for both indoor and outdoor applications?

Today we are building awesome wireless networks with new technologies and major developments in existing technologies, such as hybrid DAS. But, what about the foundation that makes it all functional, i.e., the fiber backbone that supplies all of the data before it goes off ground? After all, it’s common knowledge that a lousy foundation leads to a crooked, lopsided structure and inevitable collapse.

To see what’s in store future, check out our webinar about getting the best out of DAS, small cells and Wi-Fi.

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