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Published on September 30, 2014

2014 Technological Seminar Series― Philippines and Malaysia

As part of its 2014 Technological Seminar Series, EXFO recently hosted two full-day technology seminars in Manila, Philippines, and one full-day seminar in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia. The series, titled “Network Failure Is Not an Option,” took place in March, 2014 in the Philippines and on March 13 in Malaysia.

In case you missed out on these complementary and informative seminars, read on for a brief recap of the event highlights.

Our Network Failure Is Not an Option seminar covered many important elements of LTE testing, from gaining a better understanding of LTE technology to ensuring maximum availability of the LTE network. This seminar offered a great opportunity for field technicians, central office technicians, head-end technicians, and network designers and planners alike to learn how to deploy and maintain high-performance networks in 4G, and troubleshoot a live LTE network. The series also provided valuable insights on important technical updates related to LTE, VoLTE testing and service rollout, quality of experience (QoE) and subscriber quality verification, and EPC/IMS component evaluation and verification. During the event, EXFO also showcased its latest end-to-end test solutions, and hosted live demos featuring the latest LTE advancements.

In terms of feedback, both events were well attended, with participants stating that they were very satisfied with the seminar topics and content―and in particular the demo sessions. We also received a lot of positive comments regarding the FIP-430B Fiber Inspection Probe, with much praise for its auto features and ease of use. In fact, the only complaints made were that the demo sessions could have been longer! Our partners were also very pleased with the outcome of both events, and expressed interest in holding a joint wireless seminar sometime in the near future...

Want to take part in future EXFO events? To keep abreast of all upcoming EXFO tradeshows, webinars and seminars, check out our events calendar and stay posted for regular updates.

LTE Seminar LTE SeminarLTE Seminar LTE Seminar LTE Seminar LTE Seminar LTE Seminar 

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