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OTH-7000 - Optical test head

Compact OTDR-based remote test unit designed for fiber network monitoring and troubleshooting

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All products OTH-7000 - Optical test head
All products OTH-7000 - Optical test head


Part of EXFO RFTM and using our advanced iOLM technology, this compact and cost-effective remote test unit is ideal for P2P fiber monitoring.

Small and scalable

The OTH-7000 offers the most compact design on the market, delivering 16 ports in a ½ RU form factor. ½ RU Optical switch modules (with up to 256 ports) can be added to increase capacity.

Smart design for COs

Using either EXFO's Fiber Management System (FMS) user interface or the mobile app, monitoring, activation and troubleshooting has never been simpler. And, with only 10W of power consumption, no internal fan, and an optional SFP port for Ethernet communications, this unit is great for central offices.


EXFO’s innovative iOLM technology in a compact footprint reduces CAPEX by enabling centralized testing and OPEX as it allows you to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your network leading to fewer truck rolls.

Key capabilities

From construction to troubleshooting, the OTH-7000 turns traditional OTDR testing into clear, automated, first-time-right results, regardless of skill level.

P2P link certification

Qualify and certify the fiber during buildout and activation with iOLM’s schematic view powered by the most advanced multi-pulse reflectometry on the market. This automated, expert-level testing eliminates the need to manually configure parameters or analyze complex OTDR traces. The algorithm discovers elements on the fiber and displays pass/fail results, with loss/reflectance and distance values in a single click.

Advanced analytics

When monitoring the fiber, the user can leverage RFTM’s advanced analytics, which include customizable dashboards and trending KPI metrics.

Know what’s happening before it becomes a problem.

Fault analysis and troubleshooting

Providing single-test baselining, monitoring and on-demand testing for fault analysis, iOLM mode clearly identifies customer-impacting events. Combined with the RFTM mobile app and GIS software, it maps and delivers a clear analysis of events, guiding technicians towards quick fault resolution and reducing MTTR.

Easy integration with third-party solutions

The FMS supporting OTH-7000 can be easily integrated with third-party applications and workflows. GIS information can be extracted from FMS’s GIS database through open APIs or via third-party solutions. FMS APIs offer the exact same functionalities as the FMS web console and mobile app.

Instead of being controlled by the EXFO FMS, the OTH-7000 can also be configured to be controlled directly by your network management system (NMS) via open REST APIs on the unit. Integrate the OTH-7000 Client API to your corporate system to store OTDR measurements, perform analysis operations such as fiber loss calculations or create configuration files and templates for fiber breaks and degradations.

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