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EXFO Reveal - EXFO Reveal

Advanced subscriber and network troubleshooting from Core to RAN

EXFO Reveal 5G troubleshooting

EXFO Reveal provides trace-level troubleshooting from Core-to-RAN-to-device-to-subscriber, with deep packet inspection, protocol decoding and CP-UP correlation. Programmable tracing policies can be applied to the cloud-native cProbe, triggered by end users, third-party apps, AI-powered analytics and automated diagnosis platforms.

Powerful analysis tools

Network performance and telemetry data can be displayed as raw packets, message and event grids, detailed protocol decoding trees, ladder diagrams, charts or as a hex dump, speeding analysis.

Granular performance insights

Drill down into 3GPP network function events, XDRs sourced from probes or traces, and raw traffic to successfully troubleshoot network impairments.

Unique capabilities

EXFO Reveal offers granular insights into network, service, device and subscriber performance

Core-to-RAN visibility

Dig deep into the user plane, control plane, and every network element—both 4G and 5G—regardless of vendor. Mix data from probes and network function events into a single view.

Single-pane perspective

Drill down into granular session records, traffic and session distributions, geo-analytics and more—all from an intuitive UI that maximizes efficiency and speeds up resolution.

Multiple trace levels

Choose live data for tasks such as 5G configuration and tuning, or historical data for rapid root-cause analysis.

User experience insights

Identify every network element and interface that affects a voice call, video chat, connected vehicle service or other critical application with per-user visibility in just 3 seconds.

Use cases

Powerful troubleshooting and analysis accelerate the resolution of network, service, device and subscriber issues

Missing or mixed 5G legs

EXFO Reveal makes it simple to identify and troubleshoot a variety of 5G situations, ranging from unprovisioned 5G users in the HSS, to missing 5G legs, to a 5G dual connectivity call. mixing a 5G leg and a 4G leg.

Next steps

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