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FLS-5800B - CD/PMD analyzer source

Model(s) available: FLS-5834B Modulated, polarized, high-power LED that can also be used as a broadband source for DWDM channel and component testing.

Spec sheet (PDF) User manual (PDF)

Key features

  • High-power super LED (SLED)
  • Modulated for chromatic dispersion measurement
  • Polarized for PMD measurement
  • Broadband spectral range


High modulation

The FLS-5834B’s high modulation makes it a perfect complement to the FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer, whose technology is based on the phase-shift method. This first-class duo lets you run chromatic dispersion (CD) measurements through amplifiers such as EDFAs, providing the highest accuracy in field CD testing.

High degree of polarization

When you need a broadband, highly polarized source for measuring PMD, turn to the FLS-5834B. Test PMD through EDFAs by combining the FLS-5834B with the patent-design breakthrough technology of the FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.

FLS-5800B - CD/PMD analyzer source

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