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Automated assurance and AI—the key to 5G success

November 4th 2019

5G promises to revolutionize society with a whole new range of applications and services—however, it brings with it a highly complex ecosystem:  a new radio interface, a dynamic virtualized core and RAN network, a service-based architecture, orchestrated and automated workflows, just to name a few. In this fast-paced, ever-changing environment, mobile operators struggle to manage service quality while simultaneously transforming themselves into digital service providers. Doing this wrong can jeopardize the goal of fast 5G monetization.

To handle this complexity, carriers are rethinking their network and operations methodologies and looking to automate as much as possible—however, the path to automation is not always smooth.  Because of this increased complexity, over the past 3 years operators report a 46% increase in critical outages. At the same time, only 15% of CSPs surveyed have a fully integrated view of their network and service inventory. Complete visibility into the performance of the network, service quality and customer behavior is critical to ensuring successful 5G rollouts. Automated assurance, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning will be essential to the goal of fully autonomous operations.

EXFO will be highlighting assurance solutions based on AI and machine learning at Telco AI summit (4-5 November, ILEC Conference Center, London). Drop by and discover how automated service assurance solutions can you help you enhance your network operations with AI.

Automate outage detection and troubleshooting as well as network maintenance and planning, to become more time and resource efficient and drive OPEX down. EXFO provides a unified end-to-end, cross-domain view on the entire dynamic network and service topology, core to subscriber, layers 1-7.

Grow your subscriber base while predicting churn by leveraging our unique machine learning predictive model: monitor customer satisfaction levels and behaviors, then act proactively to better serve their needs and retain them.

Predict fraud through advanced analytics to protect yourself against significant financial losses and compromised quality of experience for customers.

Smart 5G rollout: The uncertainty of introducing 5G and the need to meet high customer expectations while minimizing site rollout/upgrade investment should not be underestimated. Getting 5G done right the first time is essential for both the initial and the overall ROI. EXFO supports its customers with a targeted, customer-centric approach to quickly and successfully launch 5G. This approach is focused on understanding:

  • Where to first rollout 5G
  • Who to first target for 5G
  • How to monitor 5G adoption
  • How to identify and resolve 5G issues

Customer value management–the best route to subscriber centers of interests is through the categorization and segmentation of web traffic to increase customer lifetime value. In addition, predictive analytics helps to increase knowledge and understanding of customer behavior so that operators can provide them with optimum offers from which they can derive the most value.