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OSICS DFB CWDM - High-power laser diode modules

High-performance distributed feedback laser diodes that are perfect for CWDM network testing

Key features

Internal and external modulation
+10 dBm optical power
Internal wavelength calibration for ±30 pm accuracy
Wavelength can be finely tuned over 1.8 nm (typ.) with the internal temperature control
Front-panel control


CWDM channel testing
Optical Supervisory Channel
OTDR laser source


OSICS DFB CWDM are high-performance distributed feedback lasers featuring internal and external modulation, precise tunability and exceptional wavelength stability.

Wide range of available models

The OSICS DFB CWDM product family offers exceptional coverage of most CWDM channels from 1270 nm to 1610 nm, with two extra wavelengths at 1625 nm and 1650 nm.

Superior optical power and wavelength stability

These modules offer +10 dBm optical power coupled with a single-mode fiber and a remarkable 5 pm wavelength stability over one hour. Polarization maintaining fiber is also available on selected models.

Precise wavelength tuning

The internal wavelength calibration delivers ±30 pm accuracy and the wavelength can be finely tuned over 1.8 nm (typ.) with the internal temperature control.

Front-panel control

Each module can be controlled from the front panel of the mainframe or through the remote interface. The modules and the mainframe offer a full suite of internal and external modulation capabilities.