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Lab and manufacturing test platforms

From development to deployment, we have the solution.


Sustaining the pace of innovation for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) remains an ever present challenge. To derive more value from their R&D spends, NEMs need to turn their attention to the return on their R&D investments, particularly their equipment investments.

EXFO’s unique family of platforms delivers scalable and flexible solutions for fast and efficient testingmaximizing those equipment investments. EXFO’s LTB-8, LTB-1 and IQS-600 platforms address NEMs’ challenges by delivering unmatched testing automation, connectivity and remote control.


LTB-8 rackmount platform

Industry's best 100G port density with up to eight ports in only a 3U rack space

  • Powerful, scalable, eight-slot rackmount platform
  • Two configurations: stand-alone or managed infrastructure for simultaneous multi-user control
  • Flexible and scalable: compact 3U solution with high port density for in-rack or tabletop applications
  • Hot swappable: enabling quick transition of modules from platform to platform, or from rackmount platform to portable platform without powering down
  • Industrial computer design: simple, easy-to-use with the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Multi-user sharing: efficient utilization of test resources and minimization of capital expenditures (CAPEX)

EXFO Multilink web-based application

EXFO Multilink connects multiple users to EXFO modules and LTB-8 platforms remotely through any web browser.

  • Connectivity of multi-users, multimodule and multiplatform
  • Centralized management: global view of all platforms and modules without an external server
  • Detailed management information with status and allocation information per user
  • Web-based, GUI viewer with no software installation required
  • Remote management of test-module inventory
  • Manage software on modules through EXFO TFv floating licenses and time-based licenses

LTB-1 lab benchtop platform

Designed for efficiency. The Windows-based LTB-1 offers maximum efficiency and flexibility with its:

  • Powerful processor
  • Touchscreen display
  • Ethernet remote control port
  • Compatibility with industry’s leading and fully automated fiber inspection probe (FIP-400B)

IQS-600 integrated qualification system

A true one-box workstation for lab and manufacturing testing: combines optical, transport and datacom in a single platform environment.

  • Extensive testing tools for system and transceiver assessment
  • Multi-user sharing, for minimized CAPEX
  • Easy, flexible automation and remote access via Ethernet
  • RAID 1 option, for increased performance and data reliability





System verification
Optical transceiver testing
Manufacturing automation
100G/200G/400G coherent transmitter testing and optimization
Multiservice testing
CFP/CFP2 validation
CFP4/QSFP28 validation
Muxponder testing
Transponder Ethernet over OTN up to 100G and beyond

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