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Published on June 17, 2016

How to Reach Top Performance in Terms of Coverage and Quality

To be ranked n°1 in network speed, network reliability, call performance, and data performance is not an easy task for wireless service providers. Although these achievements are extremely difficult to reach, our customer continues to be the best in terms of overall network performance. How have they consistently outperformed other service providers?

Response: through a stellar mobile infrastructure strategy.

By leveraging its backhaul strategy, the company has reached top performance, leading the wireless service providers in the United States.

Focus on Investments

Instead of spending undue efforts and resources in building the entire backhaul, the customer opted to lease services from third-party suppliers in some areas. With this approach, they greatly reduced the costs of owning, maintaining, and deploying backhaul infrastructure. Thus, this strategy allows them to invest in other areas of growth, such as the introduction of new services.

Focus on Visibility

Because non-compliance to performance objectives could impact subscriber experience, they could not lose sight of their leased lines, which are backed by solid service-level agreements (SLAs). Thus, due to the extremely high number of connections, providers, and contracts to manage, they felt it was necessary to have an unified real-time view into the backhaul performance.

However, the customer faced several technical challenges in the search for a reporting solution. A wide variety of network architecture, a significant number of sessions to track, a limited rack space, a significant quantity of metrics to store, process, and mine, and much more are all significant challenges the customer had to solve to leverage the backhaul strategy.

To know how EXFO’s solution helped the customer solve these technical challenges, meet business objectives, and reach such outstanding achievements, download our latest case study: Top Performance Backed by a Well-Assured Strategy.


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