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Published on September 2, 2016

Bringing Innovative Integration to Ciena’s Disruptive SDN/NFV Ecosystem

Open, collaborative and eagerly disruptive—we’re teaming up to help transform the industry (again).

EXFO is proud to be the newest member of the Blue Orbit Ecosystem, an initiative of Ciena’s Blue Planet division that is uniting like-minded organizations committed to supporting network operators’ ongoing transformation to open, programmable and virtualized networks. It is the first partnership program of its kind, focused on accelerating multivendor SDN and NFV deployments.

It’s about delivering on a promise of true end-to-end service orchestration.

Our niche in this brave new ecosystem? We help communications service providers quickly and easily deploy, test and assure tailored services in dynamic environments. Our test orchestration, real-time 3D analytics, and active and passive monitoring capabilities deliver unprecedented agility, efficiency, automation and end-to-end visibility. We innovated our virtualized service assurance solution to fully integrate with orchestrators such as Blue Planet.

In other words: we’re delivering the service assurance for smarter networks—today and tomorrow.

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