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Published on May 30, 2014

Your Network is Evolving, and so are EXFO’s OTDRs

Here at EXFO, we know that networks developments are evolving at a fast pace, and that you need access to high-performance test tools that can keep pace with these advances to make your job easier and improve test efficiency. That’s why we put so much effort into ensuring that our OTDRs deliver the innovations you need to get the job done with optimum results.

As part of our commitment to stride forward, last fall we introduced the MAX-700B Series of compact, powerful, and intuitive tablet-inspired OTDR testers. Combining uncompromising performance with an intelligent and dynamic multiples approach, these budget-friendly test tools speed up frontline testing and deliver faster, more reliable network deployment with unprecedented end-user experience. Whether you are working in the FTTx, last-mile, FTTA/DAS, or even PON environment, the MAX Series covers most common fiber applications.

Want to see and experience the new MaxTester series for yourself? Check out our dedicated web page to view these powerful OTDRs in full color and at every angle. The site also features a full overview of the design specs and feature sets unique to each of the three models in the 700B Series, in addition to a product video and more.

Take a virtual tour today to experience the MaxTester in action firsthand.

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