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Published on February 6, 2015

Leveraging the experience of experts: The key to business efficiency

Some of the challenges facing today’s telecom companies involve on-going maintenance, upgrades, optimization and support of complex test environments.

In many cases, the complexity of testing processes, especially with regard to vendor-specific simulator and analyzer products, applications and automation, may mean that companies are not fully leveraging the capacity and capability of the equipment and services that they have invested in. In addition, they may be devoting precious time and resources to the task. Resources that are already subject to constraints such as time, money and expertise, and which could be better allocated elsewhere. This is especially true when resources’ expertise is insufficient to tackle the problem.

In such situations, engaging the help of dedicated experts can help optimize and maintain the best test environment for the company’s needs. That’s because engineers who have experience working with simulators and related technologies and protocols are the best positioned to help increase the efficiency and value of strategic initiatives. This in turn frees up in-house engineers, and boosts efficiency while minimizing investment expenses.

EXFO offers professional services featuring experts with extensive knowledge of 3GPP and telecom standards, RFC protocols, call flows (up to the parameter level), and EXFO solutions. In addition to performing debugging tasks, these experts leverage in-depth tool and protocol knowledge to identify the root cause of issues or call failures.

Providing you with a dedicated project manager, EXFO’s professional services offering also includes status updates that are sent to your company’s management on a daily or weekly basis to keep the project on track. The services are also backed by a Statement of Work, which is submitted prior to the start of the project to ensure timely completion. What’s more, EXFO’s ability to perform major work remotely via domain and tool expertise amounts to maximized time and cost savings.

For more information about EXFO’s automation services offering leveraged for the telecom domain, visit our professional services pages and related page links.

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