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Published on September 12, 2016

Ensuring High Performance in Your Fiber-Optic Cabling Infrastructure

More and more network operators are deploying fiber-optical cabling infrastructure in their enterprise and data center environments thanks to is impressive throughput capacity and reach. However, fiber-optic cabling infrastructure cannot generate the performance levels operators expect without the proper specifications, installation, testing and maintenance.

To address the multitude of implications fiber-optic cabling infrastructure has on an operator’s network, EXFO teamed up with Cabling Installation & Maintenance to produce a webcast seminar, entitled Fiber-Optic Cabling Systems for High-Performance Applications.

The seminar addresses three main aspects to ensuring that a fiber-optic cabling infrastructure deployment performs at optimal levels:

Fiber-optic options for data center networks: The webinar provides an overview of different types, capabilities and characteristics of multimode fiber-optic cables and which ones are best suited for data center networks, including OM3, OM4 and wideband multimode.

Testing multimode fiber cabling: The webinar then describes how Tier 1/2 are testing their fiber-optic cabling systems and what methodologies and equipment work best to guarantee adherence to industry standards.

Multifiber connectivity options and approaches: The presentation concludes with a description of MPO-8 fiber connectivity as well as the advantages and disadvantages of 8 vs 12 vs 24 fiber options.

If you’re looking to get insight on best practices for the deployment of your fiber-optic cabling infrastructure, this is a webinar you don’t want to miss!

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