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The true value of connector inspection: New challenges and best practices

Hosted by

Boyd Cherrington

Technical Training Specialist, Optical Training, EXFO

After joining EXFO’s training team in 2015, he began working with EXFO’s customers and is responsible for Optical products. Aware of the challenges that technicians face in the field, Boyd now imparts his knowledge through EXFO's Be-An-Expert program by providing online product information sessions (Webex), producing training material and giving on-site training. He previously worked as a technician building and maintaining optical networks by conducting fiber characterization, turn-up and maintenance of Sonet, Ethernet, CWDM and DWDM for Qwest and CenturyLink. In 2009 Boyd became a trainer for these companies traveling throughout the US conducting training on these networks.

With the current situation you will probably ask yourself if your tools are clean upon return to work and with reason. As contamination is more than ever part of our reality it brings the question: Is fiber cleaning and inspection really that important? Is it worth your time? Isn’t connector cleaning overrated? You may have asked yourself these questions already or heard them being discussed by team members. And, you may be surprised to know that a large percentage of the issues in your network are indeed caused by dirty connectors. If you are looking to learn more about connector inspection and cleaning, and convince your field technicians or colleagues about the benefits, this webinar is for you.

Key takeaways:

  • The impact and necessity to validate connectors
  • Best cleaning practices
  • Tools, including the ConnectorMax 2 Software
  • Inspection criteria and standards
  • Using the probe
  • Hands-on demo
  • Conclusion

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