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Orchestrating service assurance for 5G FWA service rollout and operations

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Ken Gold

Director of Test, Monitoring and Analytics Solutions

Ken has a diverse background in the telecommunications industry spanning more than 30 years. He is currently focused on understanding how virtualization and 5G will change the way people and machines communicate and how operators will leverage automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to better manage the customer’s quality of experience in this new reality—which in the end is all that matters.

Prior to joining EXFO, Ken held leadership roles in Solutions Marketing and Product Line Management with Nortel, Harris Broadcast, ADTRAN and Accedian Networks, focused on optical transport and Carrier Ethernet service assurance and performance monitoring.

Ken holds a Batchelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University at Kingston Ontario.

Ron Porter

Open Network marketing expert

Ron Porter is an Open Network marketing expert. He is part of Amdocs’ team responsible for the industry shift to a service-driven network, covering key transitions including the move to NFV, 5G rollout, autonomous operations and service assurance. As a Communication Systems Engineer with an MBA in marketing and finance, and with over 15 years of experience in telecommunications, Ron has a passion for bridging technological advancements with business opportunities that are driving the industry’s revolution.

Scott Raynovich

Founder and Chief Analyst of Futuriom

R. Scott Raynovich is the Founder and Chief Analyst of Futuriom. He has been a technology writer, analyst, and publisher for two decades. He has also served as the editor in chief of Light Reading, where worked for nine years. Prior to that he was the Investment Editor for Redherring.com. He has won several industry awards, including an Editor & Publisher award for Best Business Blog, and his analysis has been featured by prominent media outlets including NPR, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and the San Jose Mercury News.

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is emerging as one of the first 5G use cases to be deployed and monetized by carriers. However, FWA requires significant investments to deploy and operate, so success depends heavily on increased automation of these processes. Automated installation followed by ongoing autonomous operations will be key to driving down costs and ultimately proving out the ROI. Service orchestration solutions that can detect new customer equipment, provision it, and instantiate and test the services will be an essential part of the operations framework.

This webinar shows how Amdocs and EXFO partnered to support service activation testing, ongoing performance monitoring and ad hoc testing and troubleshooting capabilities, as part of Amdocs' highly automated fulfillment and operations solutions. Get actionable insights into how to pave the way for cost-sensitive applications like FWA for residential broadband.

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