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The business case for 5G mmWave: Charting a path to ROI

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Danny Sleiman

Product Line Manager

Danny currently holds the position of Product Line Manager for EXFO’s 5G Transport and RF division, with responsibility for supporting service providers worldwide throughout their network test and measurement activities. His area of expertise spans mobile fronthaul and backhaul technologies including CPRI/eCPRI, Cloud RAN, and Ethernet/IP. Danny has previously worked as a hardware engineer for Extenway Solutions. He also gathered technical insight as a support services representative for IBM. Danny received his bachelor degree in electrical engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Montreal, Canada.

While there are clear challenges associated with the propagation characteristics and cost of densely deploying 5G using millimeter wave frequencies, the high-band spectrum offers unique advantageous. In addition to providing multi-Gbps user experiences, 5G mmWave allows operators to add huge amounts of capacity in localized hot zones.

As global operators develop 5G mmWave strategies, it's important to understand the associated efficiency gains and opportunities for new revenue streams. In addition to expanding data consumption and steering subscribers into more premium plans, operators can use 5G mmWave to connect new types of devices including laptops and tablets, fixed wireless access also presents an opportunity to enter a new service arena.

Learn how operators should weigh 5G mmWave deployments with return on investment.

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