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Simulation de réseau et tests de charge

EXFO assure la simulation du trafic sur le réseau au plus haut rendement et aux capacités les plus avancées du secteur, le tout en une seule solution. En reproduisant le comportement de clients réels dans des environnements de laboratoire, nos solutions permettent aux opérateurs mobiles et aux fabricants d'équipement de vérifier leurs réseaux sans fil avant le déploiement.

Simulation de réseau et tests de charge
Simulation de réseau et tests de charge

18 produits

Simulation de réseau et tests de charge

Une gamme complète de solutions de test pour le réseau convergent, de RAN à IMS.

sipFlex - SIP Functional and Performance

The sipFlex Test Suite is the industry’s most flexible yet easy to use application. It provides unprecedented flexibility and comprehensive test capabilities for characterizing VoIP and IMS networks.

SIP Proxy Testing

An SIP proxy is a key component of a SIP-based network. It is responsible for handling the setting up, negotiating resources for, tearing down and maintaining SIP sessions, and can also act as a registrar or a redirect server.

Core Network Testing

Powerful, reliable and scalable solution that meets the challenges of modern dynamic testing.

EPC Testing

Enables wrap-around testing of the core network elements in LTE and is used in functional and load testing of LTE core network elements.

Femtocell testing

A powerful, reliable and scalable solution to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic testing needs.


Flexible load and functional testing tool for LTE RAN testing

W2CM - 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Series

Offers high-performance, high-capacity control-plane and user-plane testing of LTE, VoIP and IMS networks.

Session Border Controller Testing

This IP-to-IP Gateway Test Suite focuses on testing critical functions, which ensure the viability of VoIP and IMS services.

QA-604 805 813 - QualityAssurer Series

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Test PlatformHigh-performance, high-capacity, flexible, reliable and easy-to-use wireless (2G/3G/4G/LTE), IMS and VoIP network testing.

proxyFlex Test Suite

The proxyFlex test suite emulates the IMS P-CSCF, I-CSCF and the S-CSCF in a stateful manner, enabling NEMs and NSPs to perform comprehensive device and end-to-end testing.

IMS IP Presence Testing

The IMS IP Presence solution tests the key functions of the IP presence server. It emulates the behavior of a large number of presentities and watchers with a very easy-to-configure interface for mapping up watchers to presentities in order to carry out performance and load tests.

IMS P-CSCF Testing

This test suite offers key functions such as proxying SIP messages from the subscriber to the IMS network, establishing IPSec tunnels between the subscriber equipment and IMS network and the protection of the IMS core against SIP message floods.

IMS IP Centrex Testing

The IP Centrex solution tests the key functions of the IP Centrex server. It emulates a wide variety of Class-5 features that can be initiated and terminated simultaneously through the IP Centrex server in order to test its functionality, scale and performance.

IMS Border Gateway Functions Testing

The IMS Border Gateway Test Suite was designed to test the IMS border gateway. It integrates the subscribers and the controller into a single flexible but easy-to-use GUI-driven test bed to perform numerous tests.

hssFlex Test Suite

The hssFlex Test Suite provides a comprehensive IMS test bed, allowing NEMs and NSPs to perform comprehensive device and end-to-end testing using a combination of the industry-leading HSS test emulator and IMS subscribers in a single test application.

h323Flex Test Suite

The h323Flex Test Suite is designed to assist NEMs and NSPs to perform H.323 to SIP interwork testing, using real-world traffic load in lab environments.