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Publié le 21 octobre 2014

Turning copper into gold!

EXFO will team up with Telebyte, Alcatel-Lucent, Sagemcom and ADB at Broadband World Forum 2014 for a live multi-vendor FTTN VDSL2 vectoring demonstration. Attendees will be able to see the qualitative and quantitative effects of interferences such as impulse noise, RFI, mechanical interruptions, and more, under real-world conditions. The demonstration will then show how to tackle such impairments with the latest advances in VDSL2 Vectoring testing technologies.


Experience real-time multi-vendor demonstration of vectoring and how it can improve video delivery and QoS! Visit us in the Broadband Forum's Interoperability Pavilion at the BBWF 2014 in Amsterdam (October 21 - 23). 

For more details about the joint demo, click here.

What’s VDSL2 Vectoring?

VDSL2 or very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2  is an access technology that uses the existing infrastructure of copper wires to provide internet access at very high speeds, up to potentially 100 Mbit/s.VDSL2 Vectoring is a noise-canceling technology. It removes all of the interference among the VDSL2 lines within a bundle.