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MAX-635G: The world’s first handheld Gfast test set changes the game for ultra-broadband testing

Are you a service provider considering deploying Gfast now or in the very near future? Then you need to take a look at EXFO’s MAX-635G, the first handheld Gfast test set on the market.

Water- and dust-resistant, the MAX-635G is a complete DSL and copper test set that supports ADSL2+, VDSL2 and Gfast (ITUT G Series 9700 and 9701 recommendations for fast access to subscriber terminals)—all in one easy-to-use tool. It also supports Ping, Traceroute, Ookla® Speedtest®, FTP/HTTP/iPerf speed tests and VoIP & IPTV analysis options. With its user-friendly, 6-inch touchscreen display, the MAX-635G offers everything technicians need to get the job done efficiently and reliably.


As the world’s first handheld Gfast test set, the MAX-635G is the most complete DSL and copper test set available. Watch this video to get an overview of the MAX-635G and learn more about its user-friendly interface and all of its options to carry out thorough and accurate tests.



Learn about how the MAX-635G can help technicians comprehensively test Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), including locating faults, the ends of circuits, and split pairs, and manipulating traces or outgoing pulses. Watch this video if you want to learn more about the MAX-635G’s TDR testing capabilities.



The MAX-635G’s SmartR test suite features Pair Detective and Fault Mapper, two unique copper testing capabilities that allow technicians to automatically find common metallic pair faults, measure the line and analyze the results. Watch this video if you want to discover just how quickly the SmartR test suite can speed up field jobs.



The MAX-635G offers service providers and contractors the same TCP throughput test methods used by subscribers today: Speedtest by Ookla, which is an industry standard. Thanks to this capability, technicians can easily validate the bandwidth available to subscribers. Watch this video if you’re rolling out FTTX broadband in the residential services market and want to ensure that subscribers get the throughput they expect.


Stressed Balance

Stressed balance testing has never been easier thanks to the MAX-635G. Technicians can use the MAX-635G to apply a voltage onto the circuit and measure the stressed noise of the circuit, enabling them to detect stressed balance, longitudinal balance and impulse noise—and determine the copper’s overall ability to mitigate noise. Watch this video if you’re struggling with service-affecting noise on your copper network.



The MAX-635G offers a powerful means to assess the presence and quality of 2.4/5 GHz WiFi signals, Technicians can view a specific network name and type, its signal strength (RSSI), the channel it is occupying and security type. Watch this video if you would like to see just how easy testing WiFi signals with the MAX-635G can be.


Speed Test

So how does the MAX-635G specifically help technicians carry out throughput speed testing? Thanks to the MAX-635G, technicians can perform FTP test, HTTP tests and the Ookla throughput tests. Watch this video to discover in more details the various throughput test features of the MAX-635G.



Achieving efficient copper characterization to 35 MHz and performing DSL/Gfast analyses can be optimized with the MAX-635G. Watch this video to learn more about how to run Gfast connection tests on the MAX-635G and ensure that your ultra-broadband deployments are properly installed and maintained.


Find out how the MAX-635G can help you roll out Gfast