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Technology evolves at a rapid-fire pace. That’s why we’ve built an easy-to-use glossary to help you better understand the terms, technologies and trends that impact your business.

5G New Radio (NR)

What is 5G NR? 5G NR includes several low and mid-frequency bands in the sub-7 GHz range, defined as FR1, as well as higher frequency bands above 24 GHz, defined as FR2/mmWave. 5G frequency includes all previous cellular spectrum and additional spectrum in the sub-7 GHz frequency range and beyond. A key reason that additional spectrum is being made available is to address the overcrowding in sub-7 GHz bands—and to overcome the physical limitations associated with throughput and bandwidth. For example, 4G bands accounted for up to 20 MHz of bandwidth whereas 5G bands now allow up to 400 MHz of bandwidth per channel. To learn more, read our blog ‘RF and 5G new radio: top 5 questions answered’.