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Will your data centers pass the Cyber Monday test?

Network performance is priceless

On November 26, Cyber Monday, web traffic is set to be the highest in history. And with a predicted $7.7 billion in online transactions in the US alone,[i] data center managers are feeling the pressure to deliver. Downtime on the internet’s busiest shopping day is simply not an option. But how can you be sure your network is ready?

For webscale companies and cloud providers supplying the internet backbone for the world’s online purchases, the Cyber Monday surge epitomizes the wider, explosive global demand for data, services and experiences that are instantly available, anytime and anywhere. These online deal-hunter demands are driving the migration of data centers toward next-generation network infrastructures, not to mention 5G, virtualization and IoT.

As data centers’ needs for bandwidth grows, the data center interconnect must grow accordingly. And that’s where we lend a hand, by helping data centers and webscale companies migrate to higher speeds, increase capacity, deliver flawless experience and interconnect facilities faster. Our portfolio covers the entire spectrum of data center interconnect (DCI) testing, from fiber and protocol testing to service assurance.

With more than 81 million people poised to fill their digital carts during the Superbowl of online retail, don’t wait until Cyber Monday to test your network performance. We are the network test, monitoring and analytics experts and we can help you kick off this holiday season with serious velocity, near‑zero latency and data centers that are always on, so you can continue to deliver the network performance your customers have come to expect—today, tomorrow and on Cyber Monday!

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