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The way out

With the ever increasing demand for bandwidth and faster connectivity dictated by mobile users, mobile network operators are opting for fiber as the technology of choice when it comes to backhaul and fronthaul deployment. With the unprecedented level of bandwidth delivered to the tower by fiber comes the necessity to effectively test/characterize this new physical layer, which requires the intervention of skilled technicians. Training and finding knowledgeable technicians is not getting easier. Still, that’s the simple part...

Things get iffy when we start talking about the services that run on those fibers: SONET, SDH, Ethernet, SyncE/1588 PTP, CPRI, OBSAI, etc. That’s one heck of an alphabet soup for technologies that, most of the time, require different types of tests and skill sets. The cost of training on these technologies could become significant. And the cost of not training enough is even worse. Think of the usual suspects: additional truck rolls, repairs, jobs to redo, etc. And we haven’t even talked about hardware yet.

All this goes straight to the heart of your OPEX and CAPEX, and it hurts. Bad. And up to recently, that’s a world in which you were stuck, with no way out.

But what if there was a way out? What if you had only one tool to perform your optical tests and all your Ethernet and multiservice tests? What if you could do this from only one simple, user-friendly interface? What if this tool gave you a 100% first-time-right diagnostic, no matter the level of expertise of your technicians.

Well, here at EXFO, we’re here to tell you that we found the way out. Actually, we created it, and it’s called the FTB-700G Series. It combines optical, Ethernet and multiservice testing into a single module, and it makes experts out of your entire workforce, whether they’ve been doing it for decades or days. The FTB-700G series offers all the tools that any technician would ever need to effectively characterize the network connectivity, validate and troubleshoot the service that runs on it.

We’re telling you: “The nightmare is over. EXFO provides you with the ultimate test tool.” For more information, download the Fronthaul to Backhaul Field Testing e-Book.