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How nbn is connecting Australia

despite water buffaloes, snakes and mozzies.

In a recent blog post featuring the video above, NBN Co (“nbn”) offers a unique first-hand view of how their remote fiber monitoring initiative is helping build a fully connected network for the entire Australian population—despite serious weather challenges and “water buffaloes, snakes and mozzies”!

Watch the video to ride shotgun with nbn experts trekking across dirt roads to install fiber monitoring gear in remote areas of the nbn™ Transit Network. This critical network is made up of 60,000 kilometres of fiber optic cabling, linking hubs across the expanses of Australia to deliver the bandwidth and network quality homes and businesses need.

Before the fiber monitoring solution, field technicians would have to travel for hours—and sometimes days—by truck and even by plane to put a trace down in the fiber and locate faults. And these treks were no cakewalks: nbn teams had to contend with the extreme challenges of Australia’s scorching hot dry season, very rainy wet season and world-famous wildlife!

Today remote monitoring allows nbn’s team to pinpoint and monitor faults from their network operations center in Melbourne. Rather than travelling on-site, they now receive reports that are “almost instantaneous, even for very remote areas.”

And, best of all, they can leave the bug spray at home.

Learn more about FiberGuardian, the remote monitoring solution that is helping nbn keep Australia connected—and keeping the “mozzies” at bay.