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How to Make a Leader in the Business Ethernet Space

One of our customers recently acquired the assets of another telecom company in order to reach new business levels, accelerate its growth, and create one of the largest business service providers in the world.

Because of its long lasting relationship with the acquired company, EXFO has been instrumental in its success by delivering Ethernet service activation and troubleshooting solutions. Since our customer has always been customer-oriented, they saw the value of integrating the Ethernet IP service activation and troubleshooting solution and processes from the acquired company into their existing advanced solution.  

Our customer was eager to standardize its processes based on the acquired company’s activation method, which leverages EXFO Work Active solution, consisting of multiservice active verifiers, a centralized test platform, and a test access management (TAM) automation system. They quickly witnessed the beneficial attributes of the solution already in place, which had contributed in establishing the acquired company as a leader in the Business Ethernet space.

To find out how the combination of EXFO verifiers and TAM significantly reduced the overall troubleshooting time and how leveraging the centralized test platform contributed to faster delivery of Ethernet circuits and resulted in a significant cost reduction, read our latest case study: Tier 1 Provider: Making of a Leader in the Business Ethernet Space.