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Unmatched efficiency with advanced multichannel OTN testing

Demand for bandwidth is booming in today’s high-speed core network market, and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are faced with increased demand for high-speed optical transport network (OTN) switches from traditional carriers for data center applications.

OTN technology offers a multitude of benefits, particularly its forward error correction (FEC) mechanisms, as well as the efficient traffic grooming and optimal granularity through virtual containers or mapping structures.

With new technologies come new challenges for NEMs: reducing development cycles is critical to bringing new solutions to market faster. These innovators at the leading edge of high-speed technology need the most sophisticated, advanced tools to research, develop and thoroughly validate 100G networks.

Fortunately, with new challenges come new solutions: NEMs have even more intelligent testing solutions in their arsenal. It is now possible to test all channels that make up their overall link up to 100G with one single test equipment, simultaneous bit error rate test (BERT) measurement for all channels, concurrent service disruption time (SDT) measurements, and channel/tributary assignment. This can be accomplished for all 80 ODU0 channels that make up an OTU4 link.

This kind of advanced multichannel OTN testing helps NEMs speed up the validation and development of OTN switches—they can thoroughly test the network elements they design, expediting their verification and troubleshooting operations, and ultimately provide first-in-class devices to be deployed in high-speed OTN networks.