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EXFO showcases its impact in the telecom industry

As a thought leader for the telecom industry around the globe, EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF), the network test, monitoring and analytics experts, recently presented, at several large-scale events, its unique vision to address the major market challenges and opportunities brimming.

During the recent world-renowned event, TM Forum Live!, in Nice, EXFO, along with partners, which include: Agile Fractal Grid, Dublin City, Milton Keynes, BT, Cloudsoft, and Infonova/BearingPoint, won an award during the Catalysts - Proof-of-concept - Projects initiative. Indeed, EXFO was part of the team that worked on the Smart City on the Edge project, which was awarded the prestigious prize, Outstanding performance in the Catalyst program.

Mr. Vikas Arora, EXFO’s Chief Technology Officer and Benedict Enweani, Business Development Director, Systems & Services, also presented during TM Forum Live! Mr. Arora presented “Orchestrated Service Assurance – Enabling the benefits of network virtualization magic!” in the NFV and SDN Live! track, while Mr. Enweani presented “Vodafone and EXFO-Ontology: Empowering your people to deliver” in the Analytics Live! track.

Moreover, at the Big Communications Event, which took place in Austin, Texas, EXFO’s new CEO, Philippe Morin, was a keynote speaker. Mr. Morin presented his vision on the importance and benefits of boosting the network IQ of communications service providers (CSPs).

Recently, EXFO also launched a brand-new product, Universal Virtual Sync, which promises to completely change the telecom industry. In today’s hyperconnected, instant society, customers’ insatiable demand for bandwidth is driving CSPs to more accurately and cost-effectively measure network latency (delay)—to deliver outstanding services and assure C-RAN, 5G and NFV’s sub-millisecond latency requirements. Universal Virtual Sync is a software-based solution that enables CSPs to measure, reliably and in real time, unidirectional latency to identify the direction of degradations and the location of excessive or uncontrolled delay. Universal Virtual Sync is the first solution on the market to offer CSPs a simple and cost-effective means to measure one-way delay without expensive external clocking or GPS.

EXFO has been reaping the rewards of its concerted development and market efforts. “EXFO is definitely the forefront of a huge digital transformation that is taking place in the telecom industry, where testing and measurements are taken to the next level with sophisticated, real-time analytics. Without these deep analytics, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), CSPs and mobile network operators (MNOs) will not be able to face the tremendous market and operational pressures the future has in store.”

“In light of its recent presentations and announcements, EXFO has positioned itself, now more than ever before, as a true agent of change in the telecom industry,” concluded Mr. Morin.