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5G MENA insight: URLLC is bringing "the real 5G"

Think the transition to 5G is under control? Yvon Rouault, EXFO's Mobile Network Segment Manager, says it's time to think again.

"You'll be surprised by the height of the step to ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC), the real 5G for the real disruptive use cases: industry 4.0, emergency networks and automotive," said Yvon as part of his keynote session at 5G MENA 2019, the largest event in the Middle East and North Africa region to focus on advancing and commercializing 5G networks.

"Dynamic network slicing is what will keep CTOs awake for the next two years. A unique approach to service assurance for network slicing will be essential. And that's where EXFO can help."