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junio 2022 Release notes

Our 400G solution leads the coherent race with support for Open ZR+

FTB/LTB series

Product improvement

Several features are now standard

With the June 2022 software release, many features are now standard such as dual-port capabilities, IPV6 and many more!

New option

Support for coherent OpenZR+

Our DCO BERT test application expands its capabilities with support for OpenZR+ and now offers multiple Ethernet client rates such as 400G and 100G.

Product improvement

Support for OTN BERT with the FTBx-88460 solution

The breadth of the FTBx-88460 goes beyond FlexO in the transport arena and now features the complete set of OTN BERT capabilities including OTU1 to OTU4, multi-stage mapping, GCC BERT and much more.

Product improvement

Support for OAM APS functions in FlexE

The FlexE test application extends its set of features with support for OAM APS functions on the FTBx-88260 and FTBx-88460.

Product improvement

Support for G.8275.2 profile at 100GE within the Wander application

The Timer Error/Wander test application is enhanced to support the G.8275.5 profile at 100GE.

New feature

Support for 8x 50G breakout cables

To support the migration to the 400G ecosystem, the FTBx-88460 augments its breakout capabilities with 8x 50G, which is an addition to 2x 100G, 2x 200G and 4x 100G.

New feature

Test reports saved in JSON format

EtherBERT and iOptics, two of our most popular test applications, now offer the possibility of saving test reports in JSON format which facilitates analytics of test results.

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