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Professional services and consulting

Accelerate your success by leveraging our recognized expertise.

From installation to optimization and customization, EXFO’s professional services team can help you maximize the return on your investment, minimize the impact on your critical internal resources and deliver the services you need for success.

We create close partnerships with our customers, sharing our industry-recognized expertise to improve their knowledge and skills. Our mission is to work together to tailor EXFO solutions to your specific needs, ensuring you get the most from your investment while helping you meet and exceed your goals.

Our customized service offerings strive to:

  • Help you get the most from EXFO products/solutions
  • Provide utmost flexibility
  • Match your business needs

Consulting and auditing

Validate technologies, processes and services

Having performed over 5,100 consulting audits worldwide has enabled us to develop the industry’s best benchmark database including market reference KPIs for QoE and QoS that help our customers see how they stack up against similar CSPs. With this deep knowledge, we can provide tailored vendor-independent operational recommendations, evaluate their impact on customer experience and loyalty as well as calculate ROI. Our portfolio includes consulting services related to quality assurance, network optimization, network evolution and subscriber insights.

Detailed services include:

Quality assurance

  • KPI auditing and benchmarking
  • Network consistency and baseline
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Customized geolocation maps
  • Fraud detection
  • NOC to SOC migration
  • Fiber monitoring
  • SLA management dashboards
  • SLA performance reports

Network optimization

  • Interference management
  • RF optimization
  • E2E triage and troubleshooting
  • Mobility scenarios: roads/trains
  • Special events
  • Identification of topology issues

Network evolution

  • 5G/IoT: preparation for deployment
  • VoLTE: E2E optimization
  • Network capacity
  • Traffic management
  • Network rollout
  • CSFB analysis
  • FOAs support
  • Guarantee traffic and service growth

Subscriber insights

  • National roaming
  • International roaming
  • Handset analysis
  • Application analysis
  • Revenue assurance
  • Customer segmentation
  • Retain and upsell

Our team is committed to help you make the most of your EXFO solutions by offering four types of consulting and auditing services:

  1. Delivery services: We use a proven methodology to manage and swiftly implement your projects, ensuring that commitments are met on time and with best-in-class quality to provide you with a long lasting, high-performance solution. We manage full integration of our solutions in customer environments, considering all service assurance domains and technologies.
  2. Remote delivery services: On-demand remote delivery services as needed. Example: executive dashboard periodic reports for corporate Tier-1 operators enabling them to follow-up on the QoS of their affiliates.
  3. On-the-job training: Train in your daily work environment with an EXFO expert by your side and get the skills and knowledge to ramp up your efficiency.
  4. On-site expertise: Our experts work closely with your operations team to share best practices for a smooth transfer of skills and methodologies.


Because your requirements are unique

We’ll help you address your specific requirements by creating and delivering customized solutions and specific high-value use cases that are aligned to your environment.

Reporting based on EXFO’s data warehouse: Our teams develop different dashboards and specific reporting files based on any technology and data cubes.

Data consolidation and analysis based on EXFO Ontology’s real-time active topology provides service impact analysis, change impact analysis and planning, topology visualization and common cause analysis.

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