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Simulator test services

Leverage our proven expertise in the testing process to accelerate your projects and optimize results.

Through our automation services, our experts can help your engineers develop automated tests and build regression test scripts, in turn enabling you to accelerate the productivity of your test group.

In addition, our service team can build (or help you build) traffic test scripts enabling you to test and measure the performance level of your system under test (SUT). Our experts’ extensive protocol knowledge can also be leveraged to help you test and identify issues in your SUT.

Our offer consists of:

  • Bundled services for best-practice recommendations
  • Project management
  • Design and scripting services
  • Integrated test solutions and automation

Cost-efficient outsourcing

  • Availability of consultants for both long-term and short-term assignments
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Protocol expertise
  • EXFO Simulator expertise
  • Expertise in building scripts from customer test plans and procedures
  • SUTs can be tested using WebEx, or moved to the outsourcing location
  • Periodic test cycle with test reports
  • Consultants can be deployed on-site as required
  • No need to hire expensive engineers
  • No need to move labs

Outsourcing services

  • EXFO can manage your test equipment lab through our global network of high-tech labs.

On-demand consulting

On-demand consulting offers you the immediate resources you need to expedite the ROI of your EXFO products, with services that are available over both short- and long-term periods.

We strive to deliver services that improve our customers’ deployment time, in addition to the time-to-operation of our simulators. This includes:

  • Creating and debugging of scripts for testing negative scenarios
  • Creating scripts/state machines from the customer test plan
  • Creating procedures to test various network elements (IMS, VoIP, LTE, VoLTE and legacy protocols)
  • Developing conformance, regression and load scripting per 3GPP/ITU/ANSI specifications

Working independently, or in partnership with your engineers, our team will incorporate EXFO simulator tools and technology into your business processes and ensure that your solutions are up and running properly and efficiently.

On-site consulting

Our on-site consulting service provides you with expert assistance to address immediate testing requirements, fast script development and debugging, quick execution of test cycles and training support.

Off-site consulting

Off-site consulting is offered through WebEx or TeamViewer for script development and debugging of failure scenarios, in addition to software upgrades and training support.