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FTTx build and connect

Deliver first-time-right quality to speed the construction and monetization of FTTx networks

Automated and on-demand testing during fiber network construction

EXFO’s remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM) solution enables FTTx service providers, alt-nets and their contractors to build high quality passive optical networks (PON) right from the start, reducing costly rework. With automated test data collection, get visibility on your fiber network inventory and accelerate activation and monetization.


High failure rates

Double-digit failure rates during FTTx network construction, qualification, and activation are not uncommon. Fiber impairments—typically due to bad connectors, poor splicing, macrobending or crossed fibers—require costly truck rolls to locate and rework to fix, and additional time to test. This ultimately impacts the construction schedule and budget.

Change drivers

With more people working and learning from home, residential networks are under pressure. Service providers are leveraging FTTx initiatives to meet the need for 5G densification. National broadband strategies offer subsidies for deploying fiber internet access but come with tight schedules. Pure-play fiber providers are racing to be first to market. The most successful are building and monetizing networks at a high tempo.

Building and activating FTTx networks at scale and at a high cadence requires quality right from the start.


  • Remote working and learning

    Bandwidth requirements have spiked as more people are doing more things online from home.

  • Network convergence

    5G network densification is driving initiatives to leverage FTTx network buildouts. More fiber means more testing.

  • National broadband initiatives

    Funds for country-wide deployment of fiber-based internet access come with strings attached.

  • Aggressive competition

    The first providers to market are securing the service provider relationships that fund investments.

The opportunity

There is an opportunity to build and connect FTTx networks differently. It’s one where the network has been tested, validated and automatically documented prior to customer activation. There is full visibility of the built network and a single source of truth that speeds troubleshooting. As a result, there is less need for follow-on work by technicians and the time to monetization is compressed.

Building “first time right” quality into the network is an investment that pays immediate and future dividends

Doing it differently

  • Reduction in fiber impairments

    100% of fiber connections tested (automated and on-demand), qualified, and documented.

  • Less rework and repairs

    On-demand testing enables technicians to qualify the fiber before leaving the site.

  • Full visibility

    Centralized reporting of build progress and network quality enable optimal use of personnel and assets.

  • Faster monetization

    Fiber networks can be monetized sooner thanks to hassle-free customer activation.



RFTM features are cloud-ready—while offering support for local deployment—featuring micro-services-based architecture, comprehensive security and support for multiple use cases. In addition to testing 100% of fibers, RFTM can be used to monitor and assure the entire fiber lifecycle. Keep track of your fiber network health and get ready to plan and roll-out future upgrades to XGS-PON or beyond faster than other operators.

Next steps

Deliver first-time-right quality from the start