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Publicado el diciembre 8, 2015

Testing networks in the lab: The key to your network’s success in the field

Today’s end-users and corporate clients are demanding unprecedented levels of quality of experience (QoE) and network reliability, which can greatly tax traditional systems. As powerful technologies continue to emerge in the market, such as VoLTE, WebRTC, Small Cells, NFV and more, mobile network operators (MNOs) and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are nevertheless facing tremendous challenges in their deployments—often underestimating their complexities, missing out on best practices to optimize the deployments, and struggling to maintain their CAPEX and OPEX targets.

EXFO has always been a strong proponent of testing new network technologies in the lab before going live in the field. With our complete range of high-performance test solutions that cover entire converged networks from RAN to wireless core to IMS, MNOs and NEMs can simulate live network complexity, scale and volume before deployment—drastically reducing repeat truck rolls, maintenance costs and sub-par quality of service (QoS), which in turn can lead to profit-gouging customer churn.

But where to start?

We’ve brought together all the expertise you need to efficiently test wireless networks in the lab in one place so that you can gain better insight and effectively plan your network tests before deployment. EXFO’s network simulator hub provides a wealth of information, from an overview of our solutions and services to our latest spec sheets, app notes and whitepapers to practical webinars to get started. It’s your go-to source to ensure that your network deployments are carried out without a hitch and provide the level of QoE your customers are expecting. Check it out today!

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