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BA-4000 Bit Analyzer - Electrical 800G Bit Error Rate Tester

BER tester powered up with forward error correction (FEC) margin.

Hoja de especificaciones (PDF) Manual del usuario (PDF)

Características principales

  • 100G (4x28GBd), 400G (4x56GBd) & 800G (8x56GBd)
  • Supports NRZ and PAM4
  • Supports PRBS 7/9/11/13/15/23/31/13Q/31Q, SSPRQ
  • FEC capability: RS-FEC Scrambled Idle Pattern for testing 53 GBd host side interfaces
  • Channel simulator
  • Burst/random error injection


  • Test and validation of transceivers
  • Test of subassemblies such as TOSA and ROSA
  • Test of FPGA, Module Compliance Board (MCB) and Host Compliance Board (HCB)


Bit error rate (BER) is a key performance attribute for digital communications. The signal transmission quality of a network, subsystem or component, can be evaluated using a BER tester, which compares the data stream received to the transmitted sequence and computes the number of errors.

The BA-4000 Bit Analyzer is an electrical NRZ/PAM4 BER tester designed for the production floor. It comes in six models:

  • BA-4000-4-28-NRZ: 100G BERT including 4-channel NRZ 28 Gbit/s.
  • BA-4000-8-28-NRZ: 200G BERT including 8-channel NRZ 28 Gbit/s.
  • BA-4000-4-28-PAM: 100G/200G BERT enabling either 4-channel NRZ 28 Gbit/s or 4-channel PAM4 28 GBd.
  • BA-4000-4-56-PAM: 200G/400G BERT enabling either 4-channel NRZ 56 Gbit/s or 4-channel PAM4 56 GBd.
  • BA-4000-8-28-PAM: 200G/400G BERT suitable for either 8-channel NRZ 28 Gbit/s or 8-channel PAM4 28 GBd.
  • BA-4000-8-56-PAM: 400G/800G BERT suitable for either 8-channel NRZ 56 Gbit/s or 8-channel PAM4 56 GBd.

The BA-4000 Bit Analyzer leverages FEC simulation capabilities to provide powerful analysis for burst error. Some of the main FEC features are:

  • PRBS error check and correction
  • Pre-FEC and Post-FEC BER
  • KP4/KR4 and low latency FEC protocols
  • FEC Generator and Checker (FGC) to address RS-FEC Scrambled Idle Pattern
  • FEC symbol error distribution plot: codewords vs symbols errors
  • FEC margin auto-calculation

BA-4000 Bit Analyzer - Electrical 800G Bit Error Rate Tester

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