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FTBx-5243-HWA - High wavelength accuracy optical spectrum analyzer

Optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) for DWDM, CWDM, and DWDM over CWDM networks

Key features

Best-in-class wavelength accuracy
Ideal for transceiver testing, in manufacturing and DWDM analysis
Replaces a wavelength meter and OSA combo by a single OSA with enhanced performance
Excellent wavelength accuracy in a small form factor
Perfect for system vendors and transceiver manufacturers
Slotted in the LTB-8 or FTB-4 Pro platforms
Lifetime automatic wavelength adjustment using gas cell reference
Remote control via SCPI commands


Perfect for production floor and lab environments

Designed to fulfill the needs of manufacturing and lab users by offering best-in-class performance in a compact form factor, available in the rackmount LTB-8 chassis or the portable FTB-4 Pro platform.

Replaces the wavemeter/osa combo, reducing cost and testing time

In transceiver manufacturing, a series of tests is typically performed to assess transceiver quality: central wavelength, side mode suppression ratio, power, and so forth. Those tests are often carried out with different types of instruments to get very accurate measurements of these various parameters. For instance, power and side mode suppression ratio will be measured with an OSA while the central wavelength will usually require a wavelength meter.

This is where the FTBx-5243-HWA is a game changer. Delivering a best-in-class wavelength uncertainty of ±10 pm in the C-band, it replaces both a regular OSA and an entry-level wavelength meter. Being able to perform all the required spectral tests using a single device entails significant savings in capital expenditures and faster testing time.

Best-in-class wavelength accuracy among diffraction grating-based osas

The FTBx-5243-HWA has a typical wavelength uncertainty of ±4 pm* and a guaranteed wavelength uncertainty of ±10 pm in the C-band. An outstanding level of accuracy in a small form factor.

* Measurements traceable to the National Research Council of Canada.

Full remote control

The FTBx-5243-HWA features an extensive library of SCPI commands for remote control, which can be accessed via Ethernet or USB ports.

Product demo