FTBx-1750 - High-performance power meter

Fast, accurate, flexible power measurement in a platform-based solution.

Características principales

One, two or four detectors on a single module
Ultra-High-Power™ remote head for measurement up to 37 dBm
Continuous sampling rate of up to 5 kHz
User-configurable trigger input and analog output

An optical power meter that meets all your power measurement requirements

Designed for the new LTB-8 Rackmount Platform, the  FTBx-1750 High-Performance Power Meter and the OHS-1700 Optical Head deliver speed, accuracy and flexibility in a platform-based solution.

High-speed acquisition with an extended range

The FTBx-1750’s unique, patented design saves time, cuts costs and significantly enhances throughput with its Continuous-mode peak-acquisition speed of 5208 acquisitions per second. Its 80 dB range and 300 μs stabilization time allows you to simultaneously measure high and low signals on one or two channels.Test more components with a single, small-footprint module, thanks to the FTBx-1750's two-channel capability.

Easy-to-use interface

The web-based graphical user interface (GUI) allows for the easy configuration of the power meter and simple status monitoring.

Locally, remotely or automated—the choice is yours

Control your FTBx-1750 power meter locally using the keyboard, mouse or display, available on the LTB-8, or access the same application remotely via any web browser by accessing your LTB-8 from your network.

The FTBx-1750 can also be easily integrated into an automated test station using the IVI-compliant drivers or available SCPI commands. Remote control is easily performed using Telnet over the built-in LAN port or the GPIB to USB adapter.

Optical fiber connections

The following diagram illustrates how the connection is made.