Optical Power Expert - Connected optical power meter

Power meter with Bluetooth connectivity, a wide touchscreen and best-in-class optical performances.

Connected. Intuitive. Evolutive.

An essential device in today’s field toolkit which combines seamless reporting capabilities and ease of use in a pocket-sized form factor. Evolutive by nature, the solution upgrades over time to help you meet new challenges.

Características principales

Connect to smart app via Bluetooth: field data reporting, cloud storage, workflow management
User-friendly: compact, color touchscreen and intuitive GUI
Robust and rugged: IP54 design for dust and water protection
Time-saving features: no offset nulling, lightning-fast boot-up
High-capacity internal data storage
3-year warranty and calibration interval


Measuring optical power and insertion loss
Fiber tracing
Passive optical networks (PON)
5G rollouts
LAN/WAN access and enterprise
Military applications

EXFO grade

Designed for extended use in the field, the Optical Power Expert delivers best-in-class optical performances day in, day out.

EXFO’s track-record of robustness, backed with IP54 design for water and dust protection, makes this device extremely reliable and a long-lasting investment.

Connectivity unleashed

Share test results seamlessly through the cloud-based smart application that enables instant, one-click reporting capabilities.  

Make it a power meter and light source combo

A power meter away from link loss characterization capabilities

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