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EXFO @ OFC 2024

Paving the way for the generative AI revolution

March 24, 2024 - March 28, 2024
San Diego, USA
Booth #1017
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EXFO @ OFC 2024
Contact us
March 24, 2024 - March 28, 2024
San Diego, USA
Booth #1017

Meet our experts at OFC!

Let’s discuss your needs around automated and accelerated testing

New at OFC 2024!

EXFO delivers complete electrical-to-optical (Ethernet) testing for high-speed systems (400G, 800G, 1.6T and beyond)—testing solutions that go from lab-to-fab, fab-to-live. Read our press release to get all the exciting details of what we have planned for OFC 2024, and see you at booth 1017!

Automated testing of photonic integrated circuits (PIC)

With unique and patented testing capabilities, EXFO leads the industry as a key PIC ecosystem advisor; from testing bar, die, wafer-level or packaged components to efficiently getting light onto the device via the high-precision spectral characterization of both passive and active optical components. Our automated PIC testing solutions include:

  • Passive component test platform: the CTP-10 is an unrivaled passive optical component testing platform for WDM components and photonic integrated circuits.
  • Automated probe stations: the OPAL-SD single-die automated probe station, OPAL-EC wafer testing automated probe station with edge-coupling capability, and the new OPAL-MD multi-die automated probe station, deliver the industry’s most accurate, repeatable, traceable, fast and flexible testing of photonic integrated circuits (PIC). 


Complete electrical-to-optical transceiver testing (400G, 800G, 1.6TB)

Boost your high-speed game with our innovative testers for 400G and 800G networks and technologies, including the latest next-generation optics (e.g., QSFP-DD and OSFP) and coherent optics. Leverage powerful, versatile and scalable test capabilities through rackmount and portable platforms with a wide variety of modules. Solutions include:

  • 400G: FTBx-88480 compact, multiservice 400G tester is built with 112G electrical lanes and EXFO’s modular Open Transceiver System (OTS) so it's ready to test today’s transceivers while staying ready for tomorrow’s technologies. 
  • 800G: FTBx-88800 with transceiver breakout testing and support for various 800ZR transceiver form factors (i.e., QSFP-DD and OSFP), delivers the ultimate in speed and flexibility to 800GE test programs. 
  • Electrical NRZ/PAM4 BER: BA-4000 Bit Analyzer is designed for the production floor and leverages FEC simulation capabilities to provide powerful analysis for burst error. The new BA-4000-L2 adds even more capabilities to the BA-4000 family; it is a combined L1 BER tester and L2 traffic analyzer for 800G DR4/FR4/LR4 and 1.6T optical engines.

Boost your 400G/800G game in the field and data center

At EXFO, we’ve got your field and data center testing needs covered—from inspection through MPO certification to 400G+ connections.

  • MPO-12 power meter and light source combination: PXM/LXM is a fully featured MPO optical loss test set (OLTS) delivering faster-than-ever, reliable MPO testing.
  • Duplex, single- and multi-fiber connector inspection scope: FIP-500 delivers the industry’s fastest inspection time and most reliable results. Self-contained and fully automated, test all day without recharging batteries.
  • Modular, dual-port 400G tester: FTBx-88480 allows technicians to test different rates (1G to 400G), interfaces and transceiver types—all with a single, compact solution built with 112G electrical lanes.
  • Put 800G to the test: FTBx-88800 includes transceiver breakout testing and support for various transceiver form factors (i.e., QSFP-DD and OSFP). Pair it with the FTB-1 Pro for the industry’s first portable, compact 800G tester.
  • Remote fiber testing and monitoring: EXFO RFTM helps shorten MTTR thanks to automated fiber impairment detection and location, and reduce outages by flagging degradation trends for targeted proactive maintenance. Solution includes compact and affordable OTH-7000 remote test units.

Interested in knowing how testing requirements in data centers are changing with the emergence of generative AI as a performance driver? Our upcoming webinar in April tackles this hot topic—don’t miss out on expert insights

Speeding up FTTx, GPON and XGS PON rollouts

EXFO’s intuitive and intelligent solutions provide the right results on the first try. They also leverage automation and data analytics for informed workflow and fleet management. Ultimately, they provide clear visibility into network quality. Our latest innovations cover:

  • Fiber characterization: D-series of OTDRs are purpose-built to help you maintain top optical performance while minimizing test equipment downtime. Their unique Swap-Out patent-protected feature lets you replace optical connectors in the field, as needed.
  • Installation validation: Optical Explorer is a fiber installer’s best companion as it performs link verification and automated fault tracking in seconds.
  • Multigigabit tests: EX10 validates bandwidth speeds up to full line rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet, tests residential WiFi 6E and monitors residential QoE.
  • Centralized fiber testing: EXFO’s remote fiber testing and monitoring (RFTM) solution enables service providers and contractors to build and monitor high-quality optical networks right from the start, through process automation. This OTDR-based solution is used throughout the network lifecycle, from build & connect tests to monitoring operations and maintenance. Moreover, EXFO RFTM enhances process automation, streamlining tasks and accelerating project completion, while seamlessly integrating into existing workflows for increased efficiency.

Increasing collaboration, compliance and field efficiency

EXFO Exchange interconnects a customer’s field test ecosystem, including people, test results, hardware and software in a virtual hub. The EXFO Exchange platform automates and optimizes field testing and reporting, workflows, troubleshooting processes and more. Now everyone can store, share and collaborate in real time.

Ethernet Alliance panel session including EXFO 

Interested in learning more about coherent technology? Then you'll want to attend the following panel session organized by Ethernet Alliance:

Ethernet Interconnect Solutions: Will The Advancement in Coherent Signaling Leverage DataCom Connect 

Time/place: Theatre 2 on Wednesday, March 27 at 10:15 a.m. 

Speakers include Leo Lin, EXFO’s Director, NEMs Manufacturing Design & Research.

Paving the way for the generative AI revolution

Network testing solutions that go from lab-to-fab, fab-to-live.