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Success stories

Find out how EXFO's products are being deployed by our customers worldwide



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Hawaiki ushers in a new era of digital communications in the Pacific

A deep dive into what goes into deploying and testing undersea fiber optic networks.

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How experience and expertise made a difference to CAICT in China

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Enabling automated service delivery with real-time topology

Leveraging real-time topology in the age of 5G: A real-life case study

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采用EXFO的Nova RAN提高生产率

Tier 1 operator, use-case-based evaluation

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EXFO & Three UK drive customer experience in all-telco cloud network

Fully virtualized NFV service assurance for Europe’s first full NFV/SDN telco cloud network

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Troubleshooting made easy with EXFO’s iOLM inline power meter

iOLM helped technician identify, resolve and document the issue quickly and easily

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SkyRAN helps operator improve site KPIs by 15%

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EXFO Astellia chosen for RAN optimization

Delivering reliable quality of service in complex environments

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Tier-1 MNO使用EXFO解决方案 迅速隔离并解决RF干扰和PIM问题

Tier 1 MNO quickly eliminates PIM issues and improves site KPIs

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Fiber monitoring case study using Fiber Guardian 750 (FG-750)

Using EXFO’s OTDR technology to accurately detect and locate fiber degradations

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Distributed antenna system (DAS)

Discover the advantages of deploying TestFlow within a DAS application.