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Service quality

Improve 5G QoS with adaptive assurance. Differentiate with exceptional customer experience.

Differentiate 5G with high-quality services that exceed customer expectations

Service quality determines how customers experience your network. When service quality is proactively assured, customers are satisfied and Net Promotor Score (NPS) improves. Success with 5G depends on quality of experience (QoE) and SLAs for critical services.


QoE drives churn

Network performance is the main driver of customer churn. Apps, video and cloud services dominate network usage. Degradations, which often go undetected, disrupt the customer experience (QoE) more than any other factor.

Your customers see a problem when their service or app is unresponsive or video starts to buffer. Control and visibility of quality of service is vital to identify customer issues early and prevent churn.

Incomplete QoE visibility

Increasing traffic volumes, encrypted applications, dynamic services and distributed network functions can blur QoE visibility. How are your services actually performing for customers?

Without integrated visibility from the core, transport and access to the customer edge, you end up in a cycle of reacting to problems instead of continuous QoE improvement.

5G SLA assurance

5G changes the dynamics of service assurance. A broad range of users, services and devices need to be managed, with diverse performance needs. Reactive processes will not keep up; QoE insight must be immediate.

For critical 5G services, stringent SLAs (down to the device level) are needed to build trust in the technology and grow revenues.

Hybrid network delivery

Service assurance is complicated by managing QoE across hybrid networks. Even with 5G, there will be services running on 3G or 4G, and fiber transport to manage.

A lack of fiber monitoring, active and passive monitoring from RAN to core and network topology means only partial visibility of network QoS and customer QoE.

Change drivers

With 5G and network as-a-service (NaaS), visibility and control of service quality needs to be KPI-driven, immediate, automated and adaptive to orchestration. The strict latency demands of video, VR, AR and critical 5G services requires QoE issues to be immediately detected and fixed before customers (and devices!) even notice.

Customer experience of the mobile network has the biggest impact on a mobile operator brand. A ‘good’ experience is no longer good enough for 5G services.


Cost of customer churn

Missed 5G opportunity

Reactive operations

Inability to automate

The path forward

An open, flexible, fast way to monitor service quality KPIs for any service, customer or device. Big data lakes can’t cope with the increasing data volumes and speed of dynamic services. Adaptive service assurance provides the right data at the right time, in context. Integrated QoS and QoE visibility relates the infrastructure and service experience for faster troubleshooting and automation.

5G devices and users have diverse performance requirements that can only be met with customer-centric, insight-driven automation of 5G service assurance solutions.


Real-time QoE


Integrated QoE and QoS

AI driven


Dynamic customer-centric QoE eliminates poor visibility and time gaps and increases customer satisfaction and retention. Confidently develop new 5G business revenues with performance SLAs. Adaptive service assurance helps operators to automate and proactively manage service quality and customer experience.

Customer loyalty and NPS

Lower churn and improve NPS with a customer-centric approach to service assurance that monitors each customer, device and service.

Gain immediate QoE visibility and identify the hidden issues behind service degradations. Use the most efficient combination of monitoring, test, streaming analytics and AI for integrated visibility into each customer’s quality of experience.

Differentiated 5G services

Succeed in enterprise 5G with superior performance guarantees and SLAs. Differentiate 5G with high quality services that exceed customer expectations and build enterprise trust in 5G technology.

Integrate the relevant layers, domains and data sources, to get complete service assurance control of network QoS (from edge to core) and related customer experience (QoE).

Adaptive QoE insight

Adapt services to network conditions. The right QoE data at the right time reveal previously invisible details about individual user experience.

Realize closed loop automation and fault remediation with automated root cause analysis, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Extract the right information from live data, when it’s needed.

Automated operations

Create a foundation for real-time automation with a uniform, accurate view of resources, services, performance, customer experience and how they relate.

Unify siloed systems, reveal dependencies and eliminate data quality issues that impair effective automation. Leverage dynamic topology and AI-driven analytics to extract additional value from existing systems.




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