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Nova Core

Fully virtualized core-to-customer passive monitoring for hybrid 3G-4G-5G mobile networks

Nova Core
Nova Core

End-to-end customer-centric passive monitoring for 3G-4G-5G mobile networks

In-depth visibility into network, services and subscribers across multi-generation, multi-vendor networks.

5G SA-ready

Fully virtualized and cloud-native Adaptive service assurance extracts critical insights from distributed 5G standalone networks and their interaction with 4G and 5G NSA domains.


Comprehensive KQIs for apps, voice and video align with powerful, AI-integrated troubleshooting capabilities ensuring user experience, IoT and device performance exceed expectations as 5G scales up.

Unique capabilities

Integrated assurance for hybrid networks, core and RAN

2G to 5G coverage

Seamless monitoring and troubleshooting for multi-vendor 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, and the interfaces and interactions between them.

Comprehensive KQIs

In-depth customer experience analytics supported by key quality indicators for data, voice / VoLTE, video and popular over-the-top applications.

Cloud native

Field-proven orchestratable, virtualized and microservice-based probes and platform natively support 5G and hybrid architectures.


Nova Core and Nova RAN work together to uniquely provide end-to-end geo-located analytics and troubleshooting from a single interface.

Use cases

5G deployment

Assure 4G and 5G customer QoE while introducing and scaling 5G. Detect and diagnose coverage, hand-off, roaming, mobility, QoE and data throughput issues.

Accelerate 5G deployment, reduce cost and risk by identifying user behavior, device performance, 4G-5G integration and multi-vendor interoperability issues.


Adaptively assure the standalone 5G core and dynamic 5G services with combined insight from orchestrated cloud-native probes, 5G infrastructure telemetry and AI analytics that makes sense of the data.

Combine passive and active monitoring to assess network slice and 5G private network performance and enable closed loop automation

5G enterprise services

Deliver enterprise-grade, assured 5G services with real-time performance SLA reporting for every device deployed in critical 5G applications.

Monitor application QoE in network slices and private networks to optimize spectrum utilization, network capacity and performance.


Quickly troubleshoot VoLTE issues and optimize service quality. Identify network performance, signaling and data plane problems impacting VoLTE QoE with detailed call trace analytics.

Our services team has extensive VoLTE expertise conducting core, EPC and RAN readiness audits to optimizing coverage, 3G voice handoffs and user experience.






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