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Nova Core

Fully virtualized core-to-customer passive monitoring for hybrid 3G-4G-5G mobile networks

Nova Core
Nova Core

End-to-end customer-centric passive monitoring for 3G-4G-5G mobile networks

In-depth visibility into network, services and subscribers across multi-generation, multi-vendor networks.

Unique capabilities

Integrated assurance for hybrid networks, core and RAN

2G to 5G coverage

Seamless monitoring and troubleshooting for multi-vendor 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, and the interfaces and interactions between them.

Comprehensive KQIs

In-depth customer experience analytics supported by key quality indicators for data, voice / VoLTE, video and popular over-the-top applications.

Cloud native

Field-proven orchestratable, virtualized and microservice-based probes and platform natively support 5G and hybrid architectures.


Nova Core and Nova RAN work together to uniquely provide end-to-end geo-located analytics and troubleshooting from a single interface.






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