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Government agencies

Government agencies rely on EXFO’s test and measurement solutions to ensure 24/7 connectivity for secure, mission-critical communications.


Reliability: EXFO’s end-to-end test & measurement solutions can detect, report, and monitor network components to prevent outages.

Transport and Datacom: EXFO test solutions validate all segments of the network including high-speed next-gen 400G/800G Ethernet. 

Fiber Testing: Automated and intelligent test platforms and devices reduce errors and streamline operations.

Security: Ongoing and cadenced network inspection and monitoring helps keep agency communications secure.

Cybersecurity: Cyberattacks can be mitigated with EXFO’s test solutions, avoiding intrusions and keeping data safe.

Public Safety: EXFO’s tactical communication intelligence solutions and counter-UAV measures  help ensure a safer world.


Having a robust communications system to ensure seamless information flow, and to enable coordinated actions and timely responses, is critical for government agencies. Reliability is of paramount importance, and EXFO’s optical test and measurement solutions play a key role in ensuring 24/7 uptime, ongoing performance, intrusion detection, and longevity of government telecom systems.

Using EXFO’s advanced test solutions, technicians can perform regular testing and monitoring to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, whether at the network deployment, activation, or ongoing maintenance stage.

Secure communications you can rely on

Given that government entities handle sensitive data as well as classified agency information, a secure network is crucial to avoid data breaches and cyberattacks. A major safeguard against intrusion is to implement the right solutions to test, monitor, and flag any anomalies before sensitive data can be accessed by an unauthorized person or entity. EXFO has the capability to provide peace of mind for government agencies operating telecom networks both at home and abroad.

Key benefits

End-to-end testing across transport and datacom networks ensures fault detection and prevention before problems can escalate.