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Rural broadband

Rural rollouts done right from deployment to operation with EXFO

Rolling out rural fiber-optic infrastructure successfully under funded programs like BEAD or RDOF

Broadband access is vital for socioeconomic growth, yet many rural and remote communities remain underserved. This is why several funding programs, especially in the United States, have been set up with the aim of delivering broadband to everyone, everywhere. The key to rolling out broadband infrastructure successfully from the start is in reliable testing that can be easily carried out in the field.

From essential testers like inspection scopes, PON power meters and optical fiber multimeters to intelligent OTDRs and cloud-based test data management—EXFO provides operators, utilities, municipalities and contractors with a comprehensive solution for any technician to test, certify and troubleshoot efficiently while offering real-time visibility into field job quality and progress.

Do more and faster, without compromising on quality

rdof bead customer satisfaction

Speed up ROI and maximize customer satisfaction by accelerating rollouts, within budget and without compromising on quality.

rdof bead gain real time visibility

Gain real-time visibility into job quality and progress, ensure optimal resource allocation and performance while efficiently generating closeout reports. 

rdof bead automated first time

Say goodbye to complex test instruments, USB keys and manual reporting. Achieve automated first-time-right results regardless of experience.

Challenges when rolling out rural fiber-optic networks

High rates of failure and delays

Double-digit failure rates during FTTx network construction, qualification and activation are sadly not uncommon. Fiber impairments—typically due to bad connectors, poor splicing, macrobending or crossed fibers—call for costly truck rolls. This ultimately impacts construction schedule and budget.

High rates of failure and delays GIF

The EXFO Advantage

As the world’s leading expert, innovator and supplier in optical test solutions for 35+ years, EXFO is strategically poised to help you maximize your opportunities around rural broadband deployments—especially for projects funded under the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) or Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program.

Why choose EXFO?

One-touch, automatic characterization

EXFO’s proven OTDR-based iOLM is currently the industry’s only testing technology that can accurately test unbalanced splitters while providing an easy-to-understand icon-based mapping of all the elements/events on the link, with their clear pass/fail status.

Leveraging intelligent automation and its intuitive GUI, iOLM turns any field technician into a fiber testing expert. Learn more on how to test distributed taps.

One-touch, automatic characterization GIF

Go beyond OTDR testing

iOLM is an innovative OTDR-based application that turns complex OTDR data into simple and accurate analysis with the following advantages:

  • One-touch, automatic analysis and clear link view display
  • Automatic parameter settings and clear pass/fail results
  • Prompt diagnosis enabling rapid and efficient resolution of network issues
  • Accurate identification of unbalanced splitters
  • Generation of OTDR trace files (.sor)

Fiber-optic training tailored to your needs

EXFO offers service providers and contractors complimentary fiber-optic training programs. These programs are designed for both technicians and managers, focusing on the critical technical aspects of installing, testing and maintaining fiber-optic networks. They also cover the use of EXFO solutions, enabling quicker and more assured network transformations. Choose your profile to learn more and get started.

Understanding U.S. broadband access funding

Are you familiar with funding programs like BEAD, RDOF, ARPA, Re-Connect or NTIA? The U.S. Government is investing billions of dollars to build and deliver high-quality broadband access to underserved communities in rural and remote America. This effort aims to ensure equal access to the internet, as well as opportunities for skills and knowledge development.

Given the governmental nature of the funding, recipients will have to test and demonstrate that they are effectively delivering the expected broadband services to subscribers. The need for transparency means a need for reliable and recognized testing solutions that can troubleshoot efficiently in the field while providing visibility into network quality and field project progress.  

Next step

Take a step further toward rollouts done right. Book a personalized demo and discover how our solution can make your rural network operations and deployments faster, more reliable and cost-efficient.