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Manufacture Without Constraints

Meet Kevin, a Manufacturing Engineer on the Production floor at a Network Equipment Manufacturer Kevin needs to ramp up manufacturing of a new transceiver within the next month to secure a large contract. However, securing the right instruments would make the lead time too lengthy. And the CAPEX incurred could be a hindrance on tight budgets. Kevin needs to adapt the existing manufacturing production line. ….and use instruments he already owns to adapt the test The flexibility of EXFO’s Matrix Switches, such as FTBx-9150 or FTBx-9160 allows him to reconfigure the testing station for the new devices and the power meter. In addition, Kevin can work with EXFO Advanced Services to modify automation scripting. This allows him to perform compliance testing on the new devices. Kevin is now able to manufacture and reliably test the transceivers without any constraints. With this solution, he can quickly modify his production line anytime. Kevin is now confident that he can rapidly secure the contract, and save costs and time in doing so. Be Agile. Your Way.