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Hi, my name is Marcos Vasconcellos, Product Specialist for EXFO’s Transport and Datacom business unit. In today’s NetBlazer 100Gig Tech Corner, we’re going to take a look at EXFO’s iSAM application and how to use it to configure a Y.1564 and RFC6349 quickly and easily: iSAM uses a three-step approach to validate and activate Ethernet services from 10Meg to 100Gig. It’s the best tool for service providers to easily migrate from outdated and limited RFC 2544 to the newer Y.1564 and RFC 6349 which together cover layers 2, 3 and 4. EXFO is the only vendor to offer such a powerful, yet simple-to-use application. So simple that it will take only a few seconds to show you how to use it: First, configure the local port, in this example 100 Gig Ethernet. Step two, select how many services will be tested and which tests to run. In this case, let’s choose configuration and performance tests. Third step you simply press on the start button and it will automatically discover the far-end unit for bidirectional results. So, as you just saw, it is very simple. Service providers can validate services all the way up to layer 4 and have all the results on one single report. No one else in the industry offers such a smart application. Look, … it’s important here to take a moment to think about the potential time savings that iSAM brings to the table. Think about how many more turn-ups and troubleshooting activities can be done in a single day when your technicians are equipped with test sets loaded with easy to use, powerful and intuitive features like iSAM. In the end iSAM means big operational savings—more testing done in less time.  Thank-you for taking some time to learn more about EXFO’s iSAM application. Make sure to take a look at our other NetBlazer 100Gig Tech Corner capsules. Thanks.