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Intra data center challenges: multilayer fault detection and troubleshooting

Organizado por

Anabel Alarcon

Product Specialist

Anabel Alarcon brings to EXFO ten years of experience on networking troubleshooting for IP, MPLS and mobile backhaul technologies, her background allowed her to be part of the support team on the most important network manufacturers on the market. Supporting different services provider’s networks across Latin America, participating on product introduction and infrastructure implementation, also becoming account dedicated engineer for the most important service provider in Mexico.

Raymond Lai

Technical Director EXFO Asia Pacific

Raymond specializes in telecommunications Test and Measurement for over 22 years. He possesses extensive hands-on experience working with all major telecom service providers and mobile operators and their entire equipment suppliers and contractors from all over Asia Pacific including Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

He has authored numerous best practices guide to help the service operators to maximize their investment from their deployment for variety of transport networks ranging from FTTx, DWDM/ROADM, OTN, legacy SDH to high speed Ethernet (100G and 400G), fiber optics and triple play broadband services and most recently 5G Fibre Network Transformation.

Raymond has been with EXFO for more than 14 years, holding different regional roles in technical sales, application engineering, product support, training, product marketing, learning technology and services consultancy. He is currently APAC Test and Measurement technical director. He plays instrumental role in driving the company product innovation by bridging to the APAC market demand and evolution. Raymond holds a degree in Telecommunications and Electronics.

Ng Chin-Keong

Application engineer

Ng Chin Keong joined EXFO in 2013 and is an application engineer based in Malaysia. He focuses on technical pre-sales activities within various telecommunication environments, including optical transport network technologies such as DWDM networks, carrier Ethernet, mobile network environments and data center networks.

This webinar is the second installment of a series around transmission technologies and testing for next-gen data centers.

The pandemic has changed the way we live, work and communicate, accelerating the adoption of remote services. This is generating massive quantities of data traveling across the planet, which in turn is pushing the limits of data centers in maintaining reliable, high-performance networks. One of the biggest challenges for networks is to scale, manage and support thousands and thousands of fibers, connectors, transceivers, servers and switches that are interconnected to bring a wide range of services to customers, from social media to online shopping.

Unfortunately, these elements of the network can fail, causing various issues from silent impact to complete service loss during a costly outage. Therefore, fault detection inside and outside the data center is critical for administrators and technicians.

Detecting and identifying the root cause of a failure is a vital task in today’s network-dependent world. This webinar, the second instalment of a series, will provide you with the tools, and solutions to simplify data center fault identification, location, and detection. The webinar includes live demonstrations of solutions presented

Key takeaways:

  • Fiber troubleshooting techniques
  • Multilayer troubleshooting from physical to protocol layer
  • Higher layer troubleshooting for TCP traffic
  • Remote testing and validation tools
  • Remote hands robotic automation inside the data center

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