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Technology evolves at a rapid-fire pace. That’s why we’ve built an easy-to-use glossary to help you better understand the terms, technologies and trends that impact your business.

OTDR connectors or optical port

OTDRs have connectors that undergo normal wear and tear with use. One common cause of damage for this connector occurs when connecting a UPC cable to the APC port or vice versa. Damaged or worn connectors have a direct impact on the optical performance of the test unit. Up until recently, worn or damaged connectors needed to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair or were only spotted and replaced when the OTDRs were sent back for calibration. In fact, more than 90% of OTDR units sent back to manufacturers have worn or damaged connectors.

The innovative feature of having Swap-Out connectors on OTDRs with onboard health diagnosis means that connectors can now be replaced in the field as needed, without any downtime or delay.