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Solving RF Interference in Fiber-Based Networks with OpticalRF

Radio frequency interference issues in mobile networks can significantly impact the customer experience, but they are not always easy to identify and resolve. EXFO has launched the new OpticalRFTM application for its compact and powerful FTB-1 Pro test platform, enabling network engineers and technicians to quickly and easily analyze all RF interference issues in next-generation fiber-based networks.

OpticalRF offers the industry’s best real-time, high-resolution RF spectrum analysis over the common public radio interface (CPRI).

“As quality of experience is becoming the benchmark for customer satisfaction, it is critical for MNOs to identify all RF interference issues, faster and more accurately,” said Stephane Chabot, EXFO’s Test and Measurement Vice-President. “Bringing the game-changing OpticalRF application to our FTB-1 Pro test platform demonstrates EXFO’s commitment to providing mobile operators exactly what they need to efficiently orchestrate test processes, address critical operational challenges, and ensure subscribers receive top-quality mobile service.”

In today’s fiber-based mobile networks, the baseband unit communicates with the remote radio head (RRH) via the CPRI protocol. In order to troubleshoot RF issues, it is much safer and more cost-efficient for technicians to be able to tap into the CPRI link located at the baseband unit – located at ground level – thus reducing unnecessary and expensive tower climbs.

The new OpticalRF application does just that: it reduces the cost of turning up and maintaining mobile networks by providing access to the RF signal at the base station, which lowers maintenance costs and enables better network quality.

Using OpticalRF, cell technicians can quickly and accurately analyze external RF interference and both internal and external passive intermodulation, or PIM. EXFO’s solution also speeds up time-to-resolution of complex RF issues because it allows multiple users to connect, control and collaborate via remote access capabilities to the OpticalRF application from any smart device or laptop – so companies can leverage their RF experts via remote access, making their operations more efficient.

FTB-1 Pro

OpticalRF adds RF spectrum analysis over CPRI to EXFO’s all-in-one FTB-700G V2 Series, housed in the FTB-1 Pro platform. This solution offers a truly comprehensive set of test functionalities, which integrates up to 10G Ethernet and SONET service validation, connector endface inspection, fiber characterization with iOLM and CPRI link validation.

Together with OpticalRF, EXFO’s ONE complete test solution enables maintenance engineers and cell technicians to do more, faster and with first time right results – so mobile network operators can deliver the high-performance, reliable networks that customers want while also managing the cost of complex test processes that support great quality of experience.