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Publicado el octubre 7, 2016

Dispersion on High-Speed Mobile Backhaul: How One T1 Wireless Provider Tackled the Issue Head On

Wireless telecom providers are deploying 10G in their mobile backhaul faster than ever before. However, many are still concerned that their fiber cannot support 10G transmission rates due to increases in signal dispersion—particularly over long distances. Dispersion can indeed impact performance levels:

  • On the physical layer with chromatic dispersion (CD), polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and pulse broadening
  • On the transport layer, with bit errors and bit error rate test (BERT) issues that can delay commissioning and increases costs
  • At the business level with SLA penalties ant eh sheer inability to operate at high speeds

EXFO recently assisted one of North America’s largest wireless telecom providers in characterizing and addressing dispersion on its 10G mobile backhaul with some pretty compelling end results. Learn more about the solutions EXFO brought to the table by reading this case study.

Download case study: Overcoming Dispersion Issues on High-Speed Mobile Backhaul

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