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Publicado el abril 20, 2016

Data analytics: The driving force behind the CSPs of tomorrow

Communication service providers (CSPs) are under enormous and unwavering pressure to deliver unprecedented levels of end-to-end (E2E) quality of experience (QoE) assurance. Their main focus? More automation and more data analytics for real-time visibility into the performance of each service, whether physical or virtual. 

In addition, major technological advances in NFV, SDN and SON are driving more than 'just' the need for visibility; metrics and correlated analyses are required for agile and just-in-time problem solving to address critical network issues on the spot. Goodbye static network architectures. Hello, flexible and dynamic services that can handle today's more erratic demands for increased bandwidth, due to VoLTE and video.

What is a forward-thinking CSP to do? Claudio Mazzuca, EXFO's Vice-President of Transport and Service, recently gave an exclusive interview to VanillaPlus on the transformation in the telecom industry to rich data visualization and analytics, which are changing the way OSS/BSS provide E2E services and changing the telecom industry for years to come. 

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